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robertThis page is your gateway to my lifetime of teaching (and learning) about the dulcimer-- sometimes alone but more often than not, in the context of those many other friends and players who have aided, abetted and guided me on this journey.

All of us learn in different ways. Some folks just need hear music and how it's put together-- melody, rhythm, timing, keys, chords-- and it all makes sense. Others learn by reading, thinking, comparing, evaluating. Still others use tablature and chord charts to map the territory they are exploring.

This section has many ways to learn about music and about the dulcimer while also taking short, colorful birdwalks through the lives and times of a couple of American minstrels and their friends.

In Search of the Wild Dulcimer -- With more than a 100,000 copies in print, this book has helped new players find their way for over 40 years. The dulcimer's place in musical history is interwoven with beautifully illustrated, practical, hands-on instruction for playing, tuning and buying a good instrument.

How to Read Tablature -- Excerpted from The Wild Dulcimer Songbook and Pacific Rim Dulcimer Songbook are pages that lead you step-by-step through an understanding of the universal standard system for reading all musical notes, musical staffs and of the system of tablature used for the mountain dulcimer.

Songs & Tune List-- All songs or tunes appearing on any of my albums are listed alphabetically. Each has an anecdotal story about the song, where it came from and of the times in which it was written. The majority have pdf files of lyrics, chords, tablature, music scores and a link to listen.

Almost Lost Songs -- Less than half of the songs I (or Albert) wrote ever got released though most of these were played during our many years of concert performance. Times and people move on. The song remains. Here are the voices of these (almost) lost lyrics, their chords and wandering melodies.

Authorization to use Materials on this Site  - This is a printable Conditional Permission to show venue managers.  It allows the bearer to use the Force/d'Ossché  copywritten materials on this website as handouts made for teaching purposes.  Live performance of Force/d’Ossche’ songs is also allowed/permitted.  If you like a song, sing it!… and thanks!  RF.