Performance and Bookingmonterey

“Hey, what about us
getting Robert Force?”

Do I still gig? You bet!

If I can, I will come and play.

Family, friends and music are now what happens in my life— in that order. If I can combine any two of those it's a much better possibility that I’ll get on a shiny airplane or roll down the road. Music may bring us together but it is the quirks and quacks of shared experience that keep us coming together. I enjoy hanging out with old friends, meeting new folks, sharing tunes, exploring new places and discovering new interests. Ha! If it sounds like a personal ad, I guess in a way it is.

Here in the Pacific Northwest our summers are particularly sweet and I do try to stay around home June through September. (It took me a long time to learn that!) Besides— fishing, crabbing, clamming and boating with grandkids is especially wonderful then. Our grey-tone, rainy winters are mostly nice, too, but I don’t mind being gone as much.

You can contact me at FORCE@RLFORCE.com. My cell phone also gets email so I am reachable most of the time. Fees are negotiable depending on how far it is from where I am at the time. Might as well just write to say “howdy” and let me know what you are thinking. If we can, we'll work something out.