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kiddosIf this site has helped you, informed you, entertained you-- please consider donating to help it grow.

Our universe is replete with free electrons. However, imposing order on them consumes time and money. The cost of this website at launch was around $6,000-- about nine bucks a page. This I gladly bear for love of the dulcimer and for the people who share this interest.

I'd like to continue to write (and afford to post!) stories about Almost Lost Songs and the Kindred Gathering. I would like to add videos that illustrate techniques. I want to post more about the colorful characters whose laughter and buffoonery gave me dancing feet and put glad songs in my heart.

One of the three bar gigs I ever did was in Munich, Germany. The owner of the club was negotiating on how much to pay me. I proposed that if I played for an hour the appreciative patrons would certainly each buy me a beer-- bonhomie-- all that. Seemed fair. “Oh no,” he said, “that's too much.”

Well, huh. Must have been expensive beer. But even so...

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Another time I played a bar was at Duffy's in Charlotte Amalie on Saint Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Mamas and Papas got their start here I reflected as I stood in the “green room” of Creeque Alley. They probably didn't spend their nights under a fishboat on the beach, though.

But that's another story that segues with five bottles of rum to Hellman and the Voodoo Queen taxi, Barbara Streisand in the Deli, stickball in Brooklyn and the making of the Pacific Rim album.