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Links & Thanks

These pages have been a labor of love for a life, for an instrument and for friendships that have enriched me and many others along the way. Thank you Ann Welch for webmastering and herding all these cats into this huge electronic box. Thank you Janita and Bob Baker of Blue Lion Instruments for providing me with the dulcimer that has become my second voice.

My very heartfelt thanks also goes to Swiss artist, Gabrielle Gern. She created the Dulcimer Firmamentum mandala that is woven throughout this site. Like the peace I discovered in Rousseau’s Sleeping Gypsy as young musician standing transfixed in the stairwell of New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Gabrielle’s vision of celestial harmony in the simple dulcimer defines much of my life in music. Her artwork illuminates and transforms me. 

There are many people, publications, recordings and events to which I would like to direct folks but in this Age of the Internet it is hardly necessary. Besides, maintaining live links is neither easy nor fun. Throughout these web pages are anecdotes and stories with references to these people, the life and the times, which helped to shape me as a person and as a musician. Since Google is now a verb, get curious. Look them up! You will be richer for it.

I do try to keep current with some social media so, at least at this writing, I can be found via Facebook HERE and often on YouTube HERE. I can also be reached at force@rlforce.com.

Generally, I maintain a web presence using the dotcom domain name of Robert Force and I intend to be adding to this central site. Over the years I have also registered: RLForce, Wild Dulcimer, American Dulcimer, Kindred Gathering, Wellyn International, The Electric Force, American Minstrel and Dulcicam for future development. Or not. Being on the grandpa side of sixty, Time is now in a deliciously exquisite ephemeral footrace with my ever-quixotic whimsical intentions. Keep checking and keep on pickin’! Who knows?