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Lost Songs and Tunes

Read about the Almost Lost Songs
Aardvark's Don't Bark
All Across these Highways
All Kinds of People
And is a Rose
And Lord, If I Could Fly
As I Reach Out
Been So Long
Bigley Slough
Blue Dahrla
Blues for Krisham
Let's Take the Boat to Calcutta
Call My Name
Capt'n Snapp
Child in Olive Tree
Childhood of Earth
Children's Song
Circular Altars
Collector of Places
Come Fortune
Comin' Down Down on Me
Commune Refuge
Debbie's Song
Don't Talk About That
Electron Jolt Machine
Gone Now, I Know
Goodnight Janette
Green Peace Song
Hands to Task
Hangin' Out in Portand
Have You Come to Share These Songs
Herring Row
Hey Girl!
Hitchiking Song
I Gotta Be Sure
I Heard a Note
Illya (poem)
I'm So in Love with You, Honey
It's a Dump
Jimmy Tex
KG One (poem)
LA Driver
Lake of Teardrops
Lay to Rest My Life
Little Bit of Rain
Locrian Two-step
Logging Song
Long, Last Ride
Lorna, Lorna
Minstrelsy (poem)
Neat Song
Nice Cream
Nonsense Rhyme Calypso
Oly Said
On the Hard Drive Now
Opus III
Paragoric Blues
Planxty Lloyd Olson
Promenade (Dancin' Sam)
Promises You Made
Raccoon John
Radio Ance Metance
Remember Me
Reincarnation Song
Rollin' Rollin' (Come to the End of a Long Long Road)
Sandcastle Dragons
Scotland Yardstick
Signed, Sealed & Delivered
Simplot Soilbuilder
Somebody's Plan
Sparrow's Song
Stonewall Village Blues
Summer Winds
The Color of a Man
The Last Song
The Money Song
The Old Men Are Afraid
The Sky's For Sale
This World Over
Time Again
Tomorrow's Child
Waking to a New Day
Wildlife on the Road
Wish I'd Never Left Missouri