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The Complete Recordings of Force and d'Ossche'    Blaine Street Records    BSR 158

insideDuring the twenty years we played and toured together, Albert d'Ossche' and I released five “record label” albums between 1977 and 1989-- 44 songs and tunes-- thirty of them original compositions. Twenty years after his passing, I decided to re-release all of them together. I called it the Complete Recordings because, of the material which was recorded in a studio for LP release, this is all of it.

For the most part, the tunes appear on this two-disc set as they were on the albums. Our rawest, least-polished tunes are first; I thought purists would want it this way. Art Of Dulcimer has some reordering by using cuts from Double Dulcimer Magic since the latter is a re-release of Art Of with five more tunes added. Coffeehouse of Glory, from the 1990 BAF album, Port Townsend Dreams, is included posthumously as well as the out-take, St. Elmo's Fire, from the LP, When the Moon Fell on California.

Back in the day, albums were arranged so that one tune led to another. Most vinyl albums averaged eighteen minutes a side. To go longer was to risk a “roll-off” or distortion in the bass frequency since the wider, deeper grooves were at the smallest circumferance of the platter. Some cuts for Side One got bumped to Side Two to even out playing time. CDs changed all that, hence five LPs on just two discs.

Each of the individual releases on this two-disc-set is written about at some length in the discography section of these web pages. One concert release, Mama Sunday's, recorded in 1981 was not included on these discs since it was not a studio session. One more album-length session was recorded at Radio Free Europe in Munich, Germany in the winter of 1972. I have a tape-to-tape cassette copy of that work and may end up putting it out one day when the technology improves enough to rescue it.

A few times Albert and I cut a tune more than once. This is noted as V1, V2, etc. A companion file in this section lists the slightly reordered tunes as they appear on these two discs. The original orders are:

1977. Pacific Rim Dulcimer Project. Biscuit City Recods. BC 1314. 33 1/3 LP Vinyl. Side One: Wellyn (V1), Poker Face Smile (V1), Firenze: Melody for Richard and Mimi (V1)-- Side Two: Cornwall (V1), Ananta, Sing Sailor (V1).

1979. Crossover. Kicking Mule Records. KM 308. 33 1/3 LP Vinyl. Side One: Salvador Do Bahia, Spring of '65, In the Fall, Pokerface Smile (V2), Workaday Daddy, Tabac Allegria-- Side Two: Paradise Boy (Hush Your Eyes), Sing Sailor (V2), Krummi (The Raven), Like a Ship.

1981. The Art of Dulcimer. Kicking Mule Records. KM 217. 33 1/3 LP Vinyl. Side One: Dixie, Wabash Cannonball, Swannanoah Tunnel/Reuben's Train, Rhythum, Firenze-- Melody for Richard and Mimi (V2)-- Side Two: Wellyn (V2), Last Tango in Tantra, Waltzing Matilda/Anthem, Storms on the Ocean, Conversations with the River (V1).

1983. When the Moon Fell on California. Kicking Mule Records. KM 318. 33 1/3 LP Vinyl. Side One: Slow Train, Deep Down in My Heart, Love is a Disease, Saturday Night, Gnarled, Ballad of the Loch Ness Monster-- Side Two: Very Best Night of the Year (V1), Moon Void, Clicka Dem Bones, Waltzing With Bears, When the Moon Fell on California.

1989. Wellyn: The Double Dulcimer Magic of Force and d'Ossche'. Gourd Music. GM 107. Cassette. Side One: Firenze- Melody for Richard and Mimi (V2), Conversations with the River (V2), Swannanoah Tunnel / Reuben's Train, Cornwall (V2), Wabash Cannonball, Moon Void. Side Two: Wellyn (V2), Saint Peter, Last Tango in Tantra, Rhythm, Sing Sailor (V3), Ship on the Ocean.