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The Complete Recordings of Force and d'Ossche'    Blaine Street Records    BSR 158

---Disc One---
Wellyn 77 (V1)
Cornwall 77 (V1)
Poker Face Smile 77 (V1)
Ananta 77
Sing Sailor 77 (V1)
Firenze 77 (V1)
Salvador Do Bahia
Spring of '65
In the Fall
Pokerface Smile (V2)
Workaday Daddy
Tabac Allegria
Paradise Boy (Hush Your Eyes)
Sing Sailor (V2)
Krummi (The Raven)
Like a Ship
Cornwall (V2)
Waltzing Matilda/Anthem
Very Best Night of the Year (V2)
Saint Peter
Conversations with the River (V1)
Storms on the Ocean

---Disc Two---
Wabash Cannonball
Swannanoah Tunnel/Reuben's Train
Sing Sailor (V3)two
Last Tango in Tantra
Conversations with the River (V2)
Dixie's Land
Wellyn (V2)
Firenze (Melody for Richard and Mimi) (V2)
Slow Train to Georgia
Deep Down in My Heart
Love is a Disease
Saturday Night
Dog Gnarled
Ballad of the Loch Ness Monster
Very Best Night of the Year (V1)
Moon Void
Clicka Dem Bones
Waltzing With Bears
When the Moon Fell on California
St. Elmo's Fire
Coffehouse of Glory (V1)